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Provide Knowledge About Technical Analysis

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Provide Knowledge About Hidden Techniques Of Stock Market

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GANN Psychological Level

A unique and effective method of early prediction of top and bottom with predefined target and for identification of fake candlesticks pattern.

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GANN Simple Price Time Squaring

Trend change is more likely to happen if a natural balance forms between price & time.

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GANN Complex Price Time Squaring

Trend change is more likely to happen if a balance forms between price & time in the form of sacred mathematical ratios and Lucas number.

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GANN Angle Price Time Squaring

Process Of Conversion of Price & Time into degrees & search of relationship between them.

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GANN Square Of Nine

Human brain may be hard-wired to respond in a certain way to very specific mathematical ratios and spatial relationships.A classic and simple use of the Gann Square Of Nine to forecast price support and resistance levels.These levels have degree relationship with the important highs and lows.

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Octagon Chart

Periodic number cycles are based upon the hypothesis that each positive whole number corresponds to some degree.Octagon chart is a periodic number table which will help us in finding support and resistance and also important top and bottom formation.

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Want Financial Freedom


We provide quality trading skills to our students
and highly accurate trading calls to our clients.


An investment in knowlegde pays the best interest.

-Benjamin Franklin

Research & Analysis

Research is creating new knowledge.

-Neil Armstrong

Lawyers,Doctors,Engineers and professional man who make a success spend anywhere from two to five years time studying and preparing to practice their profession before they begin making any money.
Men enter into speculation in Wall Street without any preparation.They have made no study of it whatsoever.They try to deal in something they know nothing about.Is it any wonder then that they lose?
Speculators and investors who simply guess,follow tips,rumors,newspaper talk and so called “inside information” have no chance of ever making a success.Unless they follow some well defined plan based on Science and Supply and Demand,they are sure to lose.
Over twenty years of study and experience places me in a position to give you a definite,practical set of rules and instructions which will lead to success if you follow them.
No great success or gain can be expected unless a man is willing to study and learn by past experience.You cannot get something good for nothing and must pay with time,money or knowledge for success.
If I succeed in teaching only a few to leave wild gambling alone and follow the path of conservative speculation and investment,my work will not have been in vain and I will have been amply repaid for my efforts.

William Delbert Gann


So Educate Yourself
Before You Earn


All kind of trading solutions for you

Classroom Course

Live and interactive classes under the same roof.

Online Classes

Classes for those who are far away from us through different online mediums.

Research Calls & Portfolio Management

Intraday and Positional calls on stock,index,commodity and currency.


We help you to strengthen your path towards financial success

By providing you quality education through edge providing course, we always keep you one step ahead as compare to other traders.

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I was a company executive and having worked for almost 40 years, I decided to go for second innings! This time, I wanted to do something, which gives me a lot of flexibility and not to chase clients for business and payments. I wanted to work in the congenial environment of my home. At the same time, I wanted something, which challenges my intellect all the time. And of course, I wanted to be my own Boss!After considering various options, I realized that the derivative business in stocks fit the bill perfectly. It gives you all the above plus money, if you play your game in a rational manner.The problem was how to acquire the know-how when the baseline is practically zero. I had no idea about this subject.I was lucky to get in touch with Mr Abhishek Bansal through Urban-Pro. In the very first meeting, I decided to join his academy.His is not just another training outfit but an institute, which understands what is required by his students. He follows a holistic approach to understand the needs, find the gaps and develop the course content. His focus is on cost, quality and speed. While he has the benefits of sound technical knowledge of the subject acquired during his IIT days, what I like most was that his focus is always practical. He demonstrated this and held my hand in the live market to make money. He was very flexible to accommodate my schedule. The best part is that he can be approached even after the course is over.I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours. May his students be benefited immensely by his services and may Abhishek Sir reach the new heights, which even he has not dreamt!


Mr. Pradeep Mehta

Company Executive

I have taken stock market classes from Mr. Abhishek Bansal.
I joined basic technical analysis session and later did advance technical analysis and GANN analysis from him.
His knowledge and teaching style is very impressive. His experience helped a lot in INTRADAY trading in commodity, currency, equity derivatives.
I would recommend his sessions for anyone looking to learn and become a successful trader.

Mr. Himanshu Verma

CMT Level 1 Examination, NSE Certified Technical Analyst
NISM Certified Derivative Analyst

Jasmin is one of the best equity analyst I have met. Her mastery on fundamental and technical analysis is commendable. Her style of conducting workshops and sessions is very simple but indepth and she has the flair of analysis which is very impressive. She has conducted a couple of sessions with my students in Amity International Business School (AIBS) and was highly appreciated. She has also judged stock simulation events at AIBS and has successfully motivated young participants towards a wonderful career in Trading. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Dr. Namita Sahay

HOD (Finance) & Associate Professor at Amity International Business School, Amity University

Mr. Abhishek Bansal possesses tremendous insight on the new Gann Theory which is the highest and advanced technicality in the stock market . He also is very knowledgeable and has very great command  on the subjects and different patterns  of the charts  and is skilled at providing helpful explanations. Mr. Bansal explanations enabled me to understand and really grasp material which was previously confusing for me – simply put, his explanations make sense and make abstract topics more conceptual and clearer. Mr. Bansal is very professional, enlightening, insightful, and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. My tutoring session with Mr. Bansal was really amazing and transformative for me, and I highly recommend him if you are seeking a tutor for the sciences of the stock market and earn really good returns .No matter what your previous study plan has been, Mr. Bansal has the know-how to get you on the right track.

Mr. Dhruv Singhwani

Financial Analyst In Corporate Finance
NSE Certified Technical Analyst

I was very excited about the stock market.
I wanted to know who the prices change and how does the market moves.
Jasmin Mam helped me alot . She is very Generous and kind.
Initially, I was a little nervous. I felt that the market is very tough and its very hard to predict.
But after completing the course , I gained my confidence back. The way Jasmin Mam teaches is so friendly, she is ready to solve any queries. It feels like she has a Magic Wand , a flick and all doubts get vanished.
I am very thankful of her. 😊😊

Mr. Amitoj

I am getting awesome knowledge and great clarity and clear understanding about each and every topic from Jasmin Maam. In her classes and youtube there is a lot of difference. YouTube video makers try to confuse people and also they try to get more TRP. They always try to get more followers and subscribers too.

Mrs. Khushi

A really good course. I got enrolled for all 3 courses 1.Basic technical 2.Futures and options 3.Gann theory. Highly recommended courses .After the course, Abhishek also provides mentorship ,which is much needed for any individual. I learned the practical things during the mentorship period. Now I am able to earn consistent profits.

Mr. Sai Niteesh

Risk Advisory Consultant at EY

Opted for basic of technicals and fundamentals courses from Bansal sir, it was enlighting experience about stock markets ! Learnt a lot and I started trading confidently now, the best part is Bansal Sir is always available for after course doubts and support !

Planning to go ahead with more advance courses shortly .!

Mr. Utkarsh Jain

Director at Laploma Electronics

I learned Gann theory from Abhishek Sir recently. I m a short term trader using technical analysis but Gann theory provides more opportunity to trade. Abhishek Sir way of teaching is excellent and each topic was explained in detail with lots of live examples. The best part is that Sir clear all doubts and if not understood he teaches whole topic again. Thank u Sir for providing great knowledge.

Miss Shailja

Full Time Stock Market Trader

Best Recommendation By Best Expressed Trader And Financial Expert best financial teacher also.Good sir keep it up.

Mr. Praveen Kumar

IFA ( Individual Financial Advisor) at ICICI Securities

As a student, I found stock market is beneficial for everyone and on the other hand Jasmin ma’am explain you each and everything very clearly. If you want to learn stock marketing or want to be a good trader so you can join this classes .

Mr. Ritik Chaudhary

B.A Journalism Student, sman, Stock Market Trader

Abhishek Bansal sir has a good knowledge of all the important concepts of the market and keeps himself updated according to the current market trends which helps him keep his concepts up to the date. I would highly recommend him to all the learners who are seeking complete knowledge and insight.

Mr. Amit Kumar

Businessman, Stock Market Trader

 I know this person and he is so talented. He has a lot of knowledge about the market and his predictions on the market are always perfect… Should definitely try lectures from this person. He offers online lectures too. I took offline lectures from him and he was so accurate with the predictions and taught me many of the valuable things to keep in mind while studying market and trading in it. Moreover he is nse certified market professional and has experience teaching in institutes too. The best part was he offered best of knowledge at reasonable rates much lower than those in institutes but offered better course than that in institutes.

Mr. Agamdeep Malhotra

B.Com Student in Delhi University

I’ve been trading for 2 years now and never have I come across a service as professional as what insights Trading offer, it has really made me understand all aspects of trading especially starting off as a beginner with no prior experience. Now Today I’m a profitable Trader.

Mr. Manish Yadav

Full Time Stock Market Trader, B.A 2nd year student

As a student , I found stock market is beneficial for everyone and on the other hand Jasmin maam explains each and everything very clearly. If you want to learn stock market or want to be a good trader so you can join this classes . You will receive full Practical knowledge, chart application. I had a very good learning experience.

Miss Ayushi Verma

Pursuing Graduation

Amazing mentor…. vast market knowledge of all the segments…. great trading skills…. highly recommend for stock market training classes.

Mr. Devanshu Walia

Network Operation Engineer at Tata Nelco

Amazing teacher and trader.Classes are very interactive.Highly recommend for stock market trading classes.

Mr. Subodh Kakran from Sharda University in Network Engineering

Excellent teacher with excellent market knowledge……. highly recommended.

Mr. Vijay Chaurasia

Goverment Employee

Abhishek sir ka teaching style bahut achaa hai. Technical terms ko bahut hi easy way me explain karte hai and anyone who is interested to learn about stock market i recommend his classes for them.

Mr. Rajinder

Private Company Employee

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