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If any individual have been trading stocks, options or futures for any length of time you are probably aware of William Delbert Gann or W.D Gann, at least by name. W.D Gann was certainly the most successful trader, prodigious researcher and a prolific author of the first half of the 20th century. He was undoubtedly the most industries technical analysts.
Unlike Fundamental analysis, W.D Gann developed entirely new idea as to the principles governing stock market movement. He believed that when time and price square, change is inevitable.
His theory described the study of pattern price and time relationships and how these relationship affect the market. His theory emphasis these three as a key elements in forecasting the future movements in market. Gann theory helps the trader to determine the best combination of price time and pattern to initiate a successful trade.
His research includes Gann square of nine, Gann octagon chart, Gann pressure dates, Gann squaring of high, Gann squaring of low, Gann simple squaring of price and time, Gann complex squaring of time and price, Conversion of time and price into angles, different ways from Gann angle time price squaring for trading in market.


This course is designed in such a manner so that anyone can easily understand the hidden knowledge of Gann theories. This course aim is to open the door of hidden knowledge to everyone.This course is for those who want to be ahead of the traders in the world.
This course will provide knowledge about the hidden theories of market that only 0.01% in trader society know. The basic aim of this course is to provide knowledge about the techniques used by Gann to everyone which is limited to only very costly private seminar.


After completion of the course, an individual will have a definite edge with compare to other traders. With the help of GANN theory you are able to predict top and bottom early and with the introduction of time in your chart analysis, the accuracy of your trading become maximum.

Intended Participants

Anybody (Retail Traders,New Investors ,Students , Researchers , Financial Service Professionals or any individual) having interest in the chart reading and technical analysis and want to enhance his/her knowledge and overall productivity as trader are welcome. As not only we provide theoretical knowledge, but also practical application, mentoring and training guidance, to help each student achieve their goals for investing or trading.

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  • Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Psychology behind price action
  • Psychology Levels As a Support & Resistance
              Major Levels
              Intermediate Levels
              Minor Levels
  • Short Term Support
  • Short Term Resistance
  • Long Term Support
  • Long Term Resistance
  • Projection Of Target With The Help Of Psychological Level

  • Introduction
  • What Is Squaring
  • Squaring Of Price
  • Squaring A Low Price
  • Squaring A High Price

  • Introduction
  • What does price mean?
  • Type of price range of a swing
             High to Low
             Highest Close to Lowest Close
             Highest Close to Low
             Lowest Close to High
  • Calendar Days
  • Trading Days

  • Simple squaring of Price & Time
  • Complex squaring of Price & Time
  • Nature of stoploss

  • Introduction
  • Conversion Of Price Into Degrees
  • Conversion Of Time Into Degrees

  •  Introduction
  •  Concept Of Equal Angle

  •  Introduction
  •  Concept of Angle Offset

  • Introduction
  • Uptrend
  • Downtrend

  • Introduction
  • Uptrend High
  • Uptrend Highest Close
  • Downtrend Low
  • Downtrend Lowest Close

  • Introduction
  • Uptrend 
  • Downtrend

  • Introduction
  • Trading Period
  • Calendar Period
  • Prediction Of Time Of Trend Reversal
  • Gann Pressure Dates

  • Introduction
  • Uptrend High
  • Uptrend Highest Close
  • Downtrend Low
  • Downtrend Lowest Close
  • Prediction Of Time Of Trend Reversal
  • Gann Pressure Dates

Japanese Candlesticks with Gann Squaring Of Price and Time

  • Introduction
  • Unique Properties Of Number Nine
  • Cardinal & Diagonal Lines
             Important Levels Of Support & Resistance
  • Square Root Theory
  • The Degrees to Factor Table
  • Moving Around the Square of Nine
  • Calculating the Horizontal Price Lines
             Quarter Divisions Of Circle
             One Third Divisions Of Circle
             One Eight Divisions Of Circle
  • Calculation Of Degrees
              45 degree
              60 degree
              90 degree
              120 degree
              135 degree
              180 degree
              225 degree
              240 degree
              270 degree
              300 degree
              315 degree
              360 degree
  • Importance Of 360 degree
  • Controversy Of Three digit
  • Calculating the Vertical Time Lines }
               How To Predict Time

Japanese Candlesticks with Square Of Nine Levels

  •  The Basic Idea
  •  Construction
  • The Price Angle Method
              Rounded Off Method
  • Weekly Price Angle Method
  • Projection Of Support & Resistance
              The Trend Level Method

  • Implementation