Mr. Abhishek Bansal, holding trading experience of more than 10 years, is a postgraduate (M.TECH) in Mathematics and Computing from IIT and has been mentoring about market from last 7 years. He is a NSE Certified Market Professional, NSE Certified Technical Analyst, NSE Certified Fundamental Analyst, NISM Certified Derivative Analyst and NSE Certified Capital Market Professional.
From an engineer to a professional trader & trainer, Mr. Bansal has come a long way. His trading journey started back in his college days when he started tracking and investing in market. With advent of it, he become very passionate and inquisitive about stock market.
He started exploring and practical applying various theories and concept of technical analysis. But the edge he was looking wasn't achieved yet. He kept on researching, reading books, informative articles.
In his later years, he was encountered by the name of profound trader "W.D.GANN" and his writings and that proved to be a turning point.
He started exploring and reading about W.D.GANN analysis. GANN gave immense value to the time and price and their balance. He was astonished after looking W.GANN analysis, his research and the accuracy of his predictions.
Mr.Bansal was encountered by various people who were looking or wanted to achieve financial independence by earning through stock market, but ended up making huge losses.
This was something that enticed him to start mentoring and training about market. He wanted to this myth that no one can earn from this market.