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What is Option Stratergy?

Option strategies often refer to a combination of simultaneous buying and or selling of options. This is done to gain exposure to a specific type of opportunity or risk while eliminating other risks as part of a trading strategy. Options strategies allow traders to profit from movements in the underlying assets based on market sentiment (i.e. bullish, bearish or neutral). In the case of neutral strategies, they can be further classified into those that are bullish on volatility and those that are bearish on volatility. Traders can also profit off time decay, when the stock market has low volatility.


This course aims at providing a complete insight about the various option strategies and provide knowledge about various processes like payoff concepts, objectives, the conditions under which they are successful and risks of each different strategies. This course will also give you complete information of open chain analysis,open interest analysis, maximum pain theory and PCR ratio.


After completion of the course, an individual will have a complete knowledge about 35 different option strategies. An individual will have a true and clear picture regarding the processes like payoff concepts, objectives and risks of each different strategies and also have a clear understanding about the various trading strategies that can be built using futures and options. The syllabus covers all the topics with interactive sessions. Moreover the contents of the course covers all the topics for NCFM ( NSE ACADEMY’S Certification in Financial Markets )Options Trading Strategies Module Examination and makes every student capable of cracking it. You will be well prepared for the NCFM examination.

Intended Participants​

Anybody ( Retail Traders, New Investors, Students, Financial Service Professionals, hedgers, arbitrageur or any individual ) having interest in the option and its application and want to enhance his/her knowledge, overall productivity or want to build their career in this market are welcome. As not only we provide theoretical knowledge, but also practical application, mentoring and training guidance, to help each student achieve their goals for investing or trading.

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  • Long Call
  • Short Put
  • Bull Spread Using Call
  • Bull Spread Using Put
  • Call Ratio Back Spread
  • Bear Call Ladder
  • Long Combo
  • Synthetic Long Call / Protective Put

  • Long Put
  • Short Call
  • Bear Spread Using Put
  • Bear Spread Using Call
  • Put Ratio Back Spread
  • Bull Put Ladder
  • Synthetic Long Put / Protective Call

  • Long Straddle
  • Long Strangle
  • Long Guts
  • Strap
  • Strip
  • Short Call Butterfly
  • Short Call Condor
  • Short Iron Butterfly
  • Short Put Butterfly
  • Short Put Condor

  • Short Straddle
  • Short Strangle
  • Short Guts
  • Long Call Butterfly
  • Long Call Condor
  • Long Iron Butterfly
  • Long Put Condor
  • Long Put Butterfly

  • Covered Call
  • Collar

  • What is Open Interest??
  • Concept Of Increase/Decrease Of Open Interest
  • Long Built Up
  • Long Unwinding
  • Short Built UP
  • Short Covering

  • What is Open Chain??
  • Elements Of Open Chain
  • Support
  • Resistance

  • Introduction
  • Interpretation
  • Importance

  • What is PCR??
  • Interpretation Of PCR
  • Oversold
  • Overbought