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What are Price Patterns ?

Price patterns are pictures or formations, which appear on price charts of stocks or commodities, that can be classified into different categories, and that have predictive value.

There are two major categories of price patterns - Reverval and Continuation.

As these name implies reversal pattern indicate that an important reversal in trend is taking place.

The continuation patterns, on the other hand, suggest that the market is only pausing for a while, possibly to correct a near term overbought or oversold condition, after which the existing trend will be resumed.

What we will cover ?

  • Double Bottom
  • Double Top 
  • Triple Bottom 
  • Triple Top
  • Head & Shoulder
  • Inverse Head & Shoulder
  • V-Type Bottom
  • V-Type Top

  • Ascending Triangle
  • Descending Triangle
  • Bullish Symmetrical Triangle
  • Bearish Symmetrical Triangle
  • Bullish Flag
  • Bearish Flag    
  • Bullish Pennat
  • Bearish Pennat

Who Can Join ?

  • Retail Traders

  • New Investors

  • Students

  • Researchers

  • Financial Service Professionals

  • Any individual having interest in the Stock market and want to enhance his/her knowledge, overall productivity or want to build their career in this market are welcome.
  • Benefits :

  • After completion of the workshop, an individual will have complete insights of price pattern trading technique.

  • You have an edge as compared to other traders in market.

  • After completion of the workshop, an individual will have a proper trading system with a stipulated entry, stoploss and targets.

  • Your trading skills will enhance & an individual will able to generate high return in their trading.

  • An Individual will able to generate highly accurate trading calls.

  • Master chart reading for generation of daily source of income.

  • Learn about advanced chart reading technique.

  • E-certificate will be awarded successfully after completion of the workshop.
  • Duration :

  • 4 hour + Q/A Time.
  • Time :

  • 21 - 22 th November 2020 || 6.30 - 8.30 pm
  • Mode :

  • Online Through Google Meet.
  • Cost :

  • ₹. 499/- only
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